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6 Simple Steps to Self-Publish Your Book

Before the advent of self-publishing, anyone looking to get their book out into the world needed to enlist the support and resources of publishing companies, and this process required a substantial amount of time, resilience, and often relinquishing creative control over your book. Now anyone with a great idea can create and publish their book with a limited budget and release it within weeks. Follow these 6 simple steps to self-publish your book more efficiently 1. Create Your … Read more

Upma Singh

Upma Singh is a spiritual thinker and writer. She likes to write and research about space, aliens and mysterious phenomenon of the Universe. She is a passionate artist and her paintings are straight out her lucid dreams and astral projections. She loves to explore mountains and take inspiration from nature for her writing and painting. She believes in the existence of Extra-terrestrials and had encounters with them herself through dreams. Book Published by Her Skylinnium: The unknown is only … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Publishing House for Your First Book?

Many first-time authors or even seasoned writers sometimes may feel skeptical while choosing a publisher for their first book. It is indeed tough and totally understandable to be confused while trying to comprehend the entire publishing landscape. Try not to fret. Instead, Prowess recommends authors and writers that they do a little groundwork before embarking on their book publishing journey. As soon as the writing part is finished, questions such as - How does the book publishing business … Read more

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