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Alfons Vansteenwegen

May,7, 2019ByProwess Publications

Alfons Vansteenwegen was born on July 6, 1941. He is one of the Flemish leading theoreticians and therapists in communication theory and important personality in the field of couple therapy and general psychotherapy. He had done his Ph.D., professor of psychology, couple therapy and sexology, was President of the Institute of Family and Sexuality Studies of KU Leuven (Belgium). He was Head of the Couples Communication Center, University Clinics of Leuven and Head of the research and postgraduate training in couple therapy and sex therapy. He is an author of many best sellers and a successful public speaker, giving workshops all-over Europe. He is married to Maureen Luyens and has four children and thirteen grandchildren.

Book Published by him

The Good Enough Couple

This book, from a true expert in couples therapy, can inspire partners willing to work on their relationship. Although previously unknown to American couples, Vansteenwegen is widely acknowledged in Europe and beyond as one of the leaders in the field. This book was previously translated from Dutch to German, Italian, Afrikaans, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Turkish and French.
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