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Chandru Arni


My Experience with Prowess It was a very good experience with the publishing service offered by Prowess, and now I have published my 2nd book too with Prowess. About Author The author, Chandru Arni is a non-mathematician. He received his Masters in Organic Chemistry in 1952. However, from the age of 14, his hobby was mathematical recreations. The first mathematics book he read was “Mathematics for the Million” by Hogben. This led him to read Dudeney, Rouse Ball, Kraitchik, and Martin … Read more

Jigme N Kazi

Jigme N Kazi_Hail Mount Hermon A TRIBUTE Book

My Experience with Prowess At first it was slow and then it was quick and efficiently done. Overall I’m happy with the Prowess. About Author Jigme N. Kazi has a special place in Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling. He studied at Mount Hermon School (1963-1972) and graduated from Mt. Hermon School’s Teachers’ Training College (TTC, 1974-1975). He taught at Mt. Hermon School for four years from 1976 to 1979. During his 16 years in the school (1963-1979), he worked under some of the finest … Read more

Rakshitha Setty


My Experience with Prowess Publishing a book with Prowess is so simple, I am impressed with the book's quality. Initially, I have published a paperback book and now thinking to publish an eBook too. Rakshitha Setty started as a journalist in the inspirational writing category by discovering her passion for writing. She has interviewed and covered inspiring stories of celebrities and achievers from various domains. Believing that non-fiction is not merely a genre but a culture, she finds her … Read more

Shrinivas Patil PMP

My Experience with Prowess Prowess team responded well and helped us in realizing the dream to write the book for sharing the knowledge with the fraternity. The entire process was fast and I appreciate the agility and customer focus of Prowess. The overall experience was good and encourages us to associate with Prowess for our future projects. Shrinivas Patil is a mechanical engineer and MBA with 20 + years of rich industrial project experience. He has worked in multinational organizations … Read more

Durga Raghavi Tripurasetty


Durga Raghavi Tripurasetty, is a post-graduate from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Though I studied Civil Engineering, my passion is always towards the environment and loved nature from childhood. I published nearly 15 research papers in International and national publications regarding sustainable construction practices and the environment. I was certified as Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Community contributor, and worked as United States Green Building Council(USGBC) Learning Lab … Read more

Vijayalatha Narayanan

Vijayalatha Narayanan- the divine frequency Author

Vijayalatha is an inquisitive seeker, forever explorer who loves being in nature. Extrasensory perception, astral travel, cognition, telekinesis, time, and cosmic consciousness are the subjects of interest to her. The practice of penning down experiences from her travels, treks, sports adventure, and day to day activities inspired her to venture into writing. Her previous book "The Involution" was a friendship saga based on astral travels, Time & Space dimension. Book Published by Her The … Read more

Dr. Bharati Rane and Dr. Rajeev Rane

A Little Sky off the Wings_Bharati Rane

Dr. Bharti and Dr. Rajeev Rane are a Gynaecologist-Physician couple who after graduating from the prestigious M.P. Shah Medical College and Irwin Hospital Jamnagar in 1981 decided to start their own medical practice in a small town Bardoli in the Surat district of Gujarat, India where they established their own 25-bed small nursing home. The basic aim was to provide quality medical and social service to the rural Indian population. Bharti Rane is a well-known author in Gujarati and is … Read more

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