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Nupur Dwivedi Pandey

Simple and relatable with a realistic twist, that explains Nupur's writing. As a Human resources professional, she saw aspirations, ambitions and life work struggles very closely. A strategic Management expert, Nupur's comes from a family of writers and academicians. Her writings often reflect the nuances and depth of human behavior in perfect harmony. On a personal front, Nupur started her mission with the voluntary sector, where she worked pro bono right after her graduation. An inclining … Read more

Divya Reddy Meda

Divya Reddy Meda published her first book “Art Eloquence” – A collection of sketches with Prowess Publishing in January 2019. We are excited to associate with her in this unique project and help her reach her goals. She is an up-and-coming artist. She works part-time as an art teacher alongside finishing her studies. Apart from art and studies, she spends her time volunteering in orphanages and at homes for the elderly. This inspired her to start an NGO, 'Macle', working towards educating … Read more

Anasuya Threse Innocent

A. Anasuya Threse Innocent is born and brought up at the beautiful land of Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, and currently lives in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. She is doing her research on Computer Science and Engineering and has a vast academic experience with top private universities of South India. Being an engineer never stopped her passion for literature, which she acquired from her school days and started writing. She inspires others in whatever she does. This is the first … Read more

Vishvam S Patel

Vishvam Patel is a student of grade 9 who always wanted to achieve success in his life. Although he wants to do work in the field of Science, he loves to read and write books. He got his inspiration from a friend who always opposed him from reading novels as she thought that it is an obstacle for his scholastic carrier. Book Published by him It All Flashed Back Because of A Magazine The book "It all flashed back because of a magazine" is basically a love story in which an Indian Officer … Read more

Nikhil Chandwani

Nikhil Chandwani, a single child of working parents, started writing at a very young age. He started following his ambitions aggressively at a tender age of 17; alone, a little lost, yet ambitious. He took up electronics engineering because of his inclination towards science but things started to change really quick once he realized he is not made for it! He took a pen and a paper and his journey as a writer started. He published his debut novel at the age of 18, He wrote 9 more books in next … Read more

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