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Chandrashekhar Siva

July,11, 2019ByProwess Publications

Chandrashekhar Siva is an author from Chennai, India who is publishing his first book. He has got around 16+ years of experience in operations and has been a guest author in a business magazine called Business World. With this book, Siva is entering the world of fiction. This is the first two stories that he is presenting to his readers. More stories will follow soon.

I was into writing contents as a freelancer and also was writing for a business magazine but never had an idea of writing a story. One fine morning I came up with an idea of writing a story and started with a few lines and that developed into a story that I am presenting in this book. It was nothing that was planned, just a thought that turned up to become a story and one story lead to another and that is how this book got published with two short stories.

Book Published by him

Two Short Stories

The book “Two Short Stories” covers two different stories which are related to two Protagonists. In the 1st story, the protagonist remembers the ups and downs of his past while the 2nd story basically revolves around the waves of different emotions that the protagonist goes through.
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Wonderful experience with Prowess Publishing, it was great to work with them. I would like to extend a special thanks to team for helping me get my dream come true.

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