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Durga Raghavi Tripurasetty


May,8, 2020ByProwess Publications

Durga Raghavi Tripurasetty, is a post-graduate from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Though I studied Civil Engineering, my passion is always towards the environment and loved nature from childhood. I published nearly 15 research papers in International and national publications regarding sustainable construction practices and the environment. I was certified as Microsoft Innovative Educator, Microsoft Community contributor, and worked as United States Green Building Council(USGBC) Learning Lab Community Pro-reviewer.
I’m a certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance, USA, and certified professional in Vaastu, disaster management, Green Buildings, Nutrition, etc. Coming to writing the book, I used to observe the waste on the road that is dumped by people, in homes, on street sides, landfills, and animals grazing waste from them and always used to feel what is happening to the people, nature.
I saw many people working in landfills to segregate the waste are facing dangerous health issues that they couldn’t afford to treat. This is all due to a lack of awareness in society. Ya, the alternative solutions are being implemented in every industry to protect nature but change has to come in us. One day Swatch-Bharat or any beach cleanup movement is done no, it is not the solution. So this gave me an idea to come up with the knowledge I have and formulate as a book ‘Think And Go Green’.

Book Published by Her

Think And Go Green

‘Think And Go Green’ is all about solutions from saving mother earth from the dangerous problems we humans are creating. Plastic, pollution, urbanization, etc. are damaging our nature and also us in a drastic way. We are not able to recognize the need and continue doing the crimes rapidly. Plastic doesn’t decompose and stays like that forever. Pollution, we know in all forms like air, water, the land we are seeing it with our eyes daily. Due to urbanization and fully packed lifestyles, we are opting for easy to go habits like single-use plastic storages, preservative instant food, transportation, etc. We are cutting off the trees for spaces and with our habits, we are not only killing the other species but also providing nothing for our future generations.
The major solution for this to change is as simple as we think, just changing our thought against it and including them in every daily schedule. Simple swaps like minimizing plastic consumption like avoiding plastic bottles, storages, plastic toothbrushes, etc, instead opting for cloth bags, bamboo toothbrushes, steel or glass storages, and many more.
Let’s think about how our ancestors lived their lives there is no plastic at that time, they made food in clay, iron, steel pots and lived healthily with their sustainable food and lifestyle habits. It’s difficult to inculcate them straight but gradually with slow improvements can create wonders to nature and our future generations will learn from us and will be inspired to be like us.
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Publishing a book with Prowess is so simple, I am impressed with the quality of the book. Initially, I have published as a paperback and now thinking to publish as an eBook too.

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