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Five absolutely fresh ways of dealing with writer’s block

May,1, 2020ByProwess Publications

Writer’s block can be real or imaginary, but it can definitely hamper your writings, delay your goals and disturb your internal peace.

Have you ever faced a situation where it was you vs. a white paper or blank screen? Ideas were not flowing, creativity appeared like an unknown territory and you started doubting your writing skills. The war went on for hours and despite your valiant efforts, you lost. You struggled to write a single sentence and ended up in a web of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and anger. Well, what you faced is known as writer’s block, a phenomenon common among writers. It’s inevitable, but there are ways to manage it if not avoid it.

While the internet is cluttered with ways of overcoming writer’s block, here’s some new perspective of dealing with such times apart from drinking coffee, running and reading.

Nature healing
Surround yourself with mother nature for a couple of hours. You can go to a nearby park or garden, walk around and observe kids playing. The purpose here is to realize that life is simple and to relax. When people gather for the sole purpose of relaxing, everybody benefits from the overall mood. Being part of such a group will help you forget about your temporary problems. You can get back to writing once you are rejuvenated.

Boredom as a weapon
Yes, you can convert boredom into a weapon and use it for your benefit. Not being able to write sentences compared to days when you could comfortably write pages will lead to boredom after some time. Prepare a 45-minute plan and repeat it with the only condition being you won’t get up from your seat. You can try to entertain yourself with music and reading articles for the first 15 minutes then eventually try to shift your focus back to writing after realizing that you won’t be satisfied with anything else. The key here is to allow your mind to wander around only to realize that it needs to get back to writing.

Surrender to the block
Well, this calls for perspective. You need to be quick in identifying the moments when writer’s block sets in. Once you realize, surrender yourself to the mystic demon of creativity. But equip yourself with a proper plan. Involve yourself in something that is extremely boring and you didn’t have the patience to complete usually. It can be watching a movie to reading a novel which is not of your taste. The idea here is to expose yourself to something totally new and difficult. Force yourself to go through it. In the end, you will have a sense of accomplishment. You did something you usually thought was too tough to complete. You will be confident to take on the war with the blank screen once again.

Rekindle the passion
Sometimes you have to realize that writing is something you are doing out of your own interest. During difficult times you can go back to the days you used to spend hours appreciating the art. Take up a novel or an article you have always admired. Read it again and lose yourself in the beauty of it. Then get back to your table and try to compose something similar.

Embrace uncertainty
Writing is an art filled with uncertainty as it deals with creating something from the core of our existence. You have to accept it as one of the ingredients of the full package of being a writer. Embrace uncertainty because it keeps the flame of excitement burning. Take a break and relax during a writer’s block and stay confident that it’s a temporary phase. If you want to improve your creativity in the meantime, continue reading here.

The term writer’s block was coined by psychoanalyst Edmund Burglar in 1947. And has been widely used and researched since then. Every author faces times when writing doesn’t come easily. But the good news is that it’s temporary. Once conquered, you will be aware of it and confident to try new ways of overcoming it next time.

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