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Five benefits of reading habits

March,13, 2018ByProwess Publications

If your reading habits include only Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and news headlines, you should consider adding a few pages of a book to your list every day. The benefits are too good to ignore!

Books take you to a different world; introduce you to memorable characters, great dialogues and a dazzling plot. They capture your attention and make you believe. With unexpected twists and turns, a story enthralls you and stays in the back of your mind for days. Readers also often relate closely to a story ’s characters and end up reading a book several times. Apart from providing entertainment and quality information to those in need, there are immense benefits of consistent reading habits on a daily basis.

Here are five  advantages to incorporating a  few pages of a book into your daily routine

Reduces stress

Leisure reading is a highly underrated way of relaxing. After a hectic day, back-to-back meetings or simply a bad day at office, your stress keeps compiling and you hardly find a way to rejuvenate without wasting energy. On such days, reading a story from where you left yesterday can be a wonderful way to divert your mind from the stressed life. A book can become your escape in a day filled with expectations to perform and meet deadlines.   

Stimulates imagination

When you read a book, you step into the author’s mind and try to imagine with the flow of words. Your mind works to paint a picture with closest words to visualize the scene. Putting your brain to exercise lets you build your power of imagination.

Increases vocabulary

Needless to say, daily reading will expose you to new words, new ways of expressing different emotions and increase awareness about yourself. As a result, you develop a power of articulating your thoughts and expressing yourself in a more effective way effortlessly.

Raises emotional intelligence

Books introduce you to characters, their background and the complex reasons for their behavior. Through dialogues, you are forced to think beyond words and understand human emotions at a deeper level. When you repeat this process with numerous characters, in different genres of books, you will be able to understand human emotions better.      

Improve focus

Think about your normal day; from checking emails, social media to news updates, you are bombarded with information. You are forced to multitask to maintain a work-life balance. You easily end up performing below your expectations. Reading a book regularly can work like a magic wand to help you improve your concentration. When you turn pages engrossed in the story, you end up holding your thoughts only on one topic. Your brain gets trained to avoid distractions when on a job.

Investing your time, energy and money in a book is very rewarding. Knowledge building and high awareness is part of the process and makes you smarter in the crowd. Reading religious, spiritual or self-help books can cool down the anxiety levels your brain has to deal with constantly. Non-fiction, autobiography, travel or any book of your interest can give you the exact information you need and help you achieve your goal.

Integrating reading into your daily routine may seem difficult initially, but don’t worry.You can always begin with small goals. Start with reading books of your interest and develop a ritual of reading at the fixed time of the day. Once you taste the joy of reading you would never spend a day without reading.

In case you are having a difficult time deciding which book to read now, check out the books published by Prowess. You might find something that triggers your curiosity.

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