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Five compelling reasons to choose self-publishing


June,5, 2018ByProwess Publications

Typing “The End” is one of the most satisfying moments when you complete a script. In retrospect, the mammoth project of writing a book looks unbelievable – the months of research, sleepless nights and the endless hours of typing. You start thinking writing is a difficult job, publishing a book should be easy. Isn’t it?

But reality is far. In the traditional publishing model, you begin with finding a literary agent, and then a publisher. You submit your manuscript and wait for months to finally receive a response. You are never sure of the time it might take to take your book to the world or if any publisher would ever accept your script. The few, who get published this way, have little to say in critical things like design, distribution, pricing and marketing.

Thanks to the developments in technology and author-centric companies for introducing self-publishing. In this new way, you can publish your book the way you want, when you want and within a month. With print on demand you can get rid of inventory, as an electronic version of your book allows your readers in different continents to download and start reading in minutes. When you self-publish you become an entrepreneur, you decide the destiny of your book by getting actively involved in intricacies of the book creation process like cover and interior design, book marketing, pricing and book distribution.

Here’s a list of the top five convincing reasons to self-publish your book and make it available to your readers instead of waiting for somebody’s approval for quality and appeal.

Control over story

Traditional publishing houses take away your control over the script. They can ask you to make changes in story, character or the ending. You may like the recommendations or you may not, but you end up accepting changes in the dream of getting published.

On the contrary, self-publishing lets you remain in control over your story. Editors and proofreaders make suggestions but the final say remains with the author.

Customized cover design

A beautiful, relevant and attractive cover design that speaks essence of the book is a dream every author wishes comes true. Conventional publishers rarely give authors a chance to decide on the design or color of the cover design. But self-publishing gives authors complete freedom to communicate with designers and revise multiple times to create the best cover design that suits your book.


With unlimited freedom of independent publishing, you can decide the MRP and increase or decrease the price of your book for promotional campaigns depending on your marketing strategy. However, finalizing a price is not a simple task. You will need help from a publishing expert with well versed with intricacies of the industry. Consultants of Prowess can help you determine a price for best results.


Distribution remains the only parameter where traditional book publishers enjoy an upper hand. Getting published may look tough, but once done; your book is made available in the majority of bookstores across the nation. Sales representatives of distributors take responsibility of making your book present wherever there is an opportunity.

Self-publishing works on a completely different concept of print on demand. Your book is made available on most of the online stores and printed and delivered when ordered.


Promoting a book requires consistent efforts for long duration, but it’s worth it. You can increase the visibility of your book to its maximum audience through targeted campaigns and increase the probability of sales. In traditional book publishing model, publishers take on the responsibility of marketing the book, but authors do not have any control over the budget or intensity of the campaigns. In self-publishing you can increase or decrease the investments in the promotional activities, participate and monitor the performance.

Self-publishing allows you to take control over the book creation process and helps you create your destiny. However, with freedom comes responsibility. To self-publish you will need the advice of experienced professionals. Consultants at Prowess have helped authors from multiple genres across the country to become published author. We are always happy to help aspiring authors with the right info and publishing solutions. Send an email at info@prowesspub.com or call on 8497924873 for queries related to book publishing.


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