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Five incredibly simple ways to improve creativity while writing your book

February,7, 2020ByProwess Publications

Maintaining a consistent creativity level can be challenging while completing your manuscript.

You can be in the middle of writing a chapter, but suddenly you need to pause to stretch your muscles. When you restart, you cannot get back in the flow. You write a couple of sentences but again lose focus. However, something is different. It’s not writer’s block, as ideas are flowing, but low creativity this time. You wonder– how do I stay creative every day when I am writing my book? Is there a ritual? A magic wand that will somehow improve my creativity daily?
Well, writing is a creative profession and coming up with new ideas is tough. Completing your manuscript can take months. Here are five things that you can do easily to enhance your creativity.

A long walk
When all your efforts to regain the flow are not working, shut down your laptop, put on your tracksuit, plug-in your favorite music and go for a walk. A long walk. Avoid running because you will get tired quick. The goal is to spend more time outside, get fresh air and put the mind in a different context to rekindle the creative mind. Your output will increase by 60% for sure (source news.stanford.edu).

Coffee break
Sometimes, let caffeine do its job. Coffee will solve a lot of your problems. The caffeine gets into your bloodstream and does a few things; increases your blood flow due to high adrenaline to make you feel more active, binds with adenosine receptors in the brain to re-energize your brain activity and prevents dopamine reabsorption in the brain which makes you feel happy. So, a cup of coffee will leave you rejuvenated, happy and ready to continue your character’s journey.

Writing is a solitary job – no doubt about it. Some authors prefer to be alone even when struggling to write. Identify those moments and push yourself into a group of friends for some time. Try not to talk about the situation you are in and have faith that everything will go back to normal the next time you sit down for writing. Your friends may also say something that triggers an idea or an epiphany for your story..

Go back and read the first few pages of the book you are writing. Reading your own book from the perspective of a reader will give you a fresh outlook.. If you shift the focus of your thoughts to a different stage of the story you, will be able to appreciate your own creative mind. This process will revive your confidence.

A flowchart is a visual depiction of a sequence of events or family tree in the book. The visual depiction can be done with the help of arrows, circles, and rectangles.

On a piece of paper, create a flowchart for each character in the novel.  An overview of the book on a page with diagrams will help you better understand which stage of the book you are in and how far your character is from their final destination. Pictorial representation of the story will leave your creative mind equipped to work again.

Feel free to use any of these methods as per your convenience. In the meantime, assure yourself that all writers go through occasional turmoil in creativity, which no way means you are stuck. Give proper rest to your mind when required and get back in action when you are ready. These are a few tips when you are going through a difficult time while writing your book.

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