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Five reasons your book needs professional editing

October,17, 2017ByProwess Publications

Editors are the unsung heroes of every book. Professional editing is a necessary element of book publishing that goes unnoticed until it’s not done.

You put your blood, sweat and sleepless nights to put word after word in the construction of a manuscript. What comes out is a manifestation of powerful imagination, well-thought message and years of writing skills. When the story is complete, you enter into the process of self-editing, and invite your friends and family to volunteer, to make the book error free. Well, the reality is after you finish writing, you will be too close to the picture to get a fresh view.  Meanwhile, your close ones will be preoccupied in their life and work to give the attention your book demands. The result – your book still contains errors in grammar, punctuation and lacks the subtle touch of an editor. This is where a wordsmith comes in. A seasoned editor will have the experience of reviewing the latest books and the pulse of the market; in short, the elements that can convert a raw manuscript into a flawless book.

Here are five compelling reasons that should turn you into a believer of the professional editing service.

Honest Review

A lot of authors think friends, family, and colleagues can do the job of a professional editor. They are protective about their content and sometimes worried about the investment required in the service.

Inviting your known people to edit your book can be tempting but what your book demands is the attention of a professional. Not love from your fans at this stage. Your friends will be busy with their lives and will edit your book in their free time. Many will hesitate to give you critical inputs to avoid hurting your sentiments. On the other hand, professional editors render all their time, attention and energy to your manuscript when they review your project. They are trained in identifying minute errors in grammar, punctuation, style, tone, word choice and coherence, and suggest appropriate changes in plot and character transformation if required. All combined, professional editors will give you honest feedback, highlighting the mistakes and the necessary changes in your manuscript.

Professional Service    

Like any other skilled professional, full-time editors take their job seriously and work on high standards of ethics. So you can trust on timely completion of editing, security of intellectual property and quality of service. Your editor is not jealous of your work and is not competing with you. A professional editor is on the team of the author and wants the book to be released mistake free.

The investment you make on editing your book will be returned in terms of the error-free book you will receive at the end.

Benefit of Experience

Experienced editors are well versed in the delicate details that constitute a great book. After years of reading books before they hit the market, they have an understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Your book can be wonderfully written with memorable characters and have a dazzling plot, but it might be in need of a smooth introduction, small changes in character description or a better ending. An editor will provide fresh observations to your story and takes your book to a whole new level. Your investment in the paid editing service will appear justified when you consider the rich knowledge and experience of editing a professional editor brings  to your book.

Sounding authority

Words of appreciation from family and friends make writers feel motivated, but many aspiring authors feel unconfident about their manuscript unless an experienced professional from the publishing industry gives a final nod. And who can be better than an editor with hands-on experience of reviewing the latest books?

A professional editor acts as an approving authority for authors. A confident word from the editor about your book can remove all your hesitations about publishing your book.

Editing is an investment

By hiring a professional editor, you add years of editing experience to your book. An editor will remove the unnecessary accessories and ensure your book gets the undivided attention of the reader. Editing can enhance the overall message in your book by making it error free as well as attract the attention of literary critics and even movie producers.

If you are still unsure of the value a professional editor can add to your book, try a round of editing. Most editors will offer their service free for a page or two of your book. You can then decide if your book is better without editing. At Prowess, we recommend professional editing for every book and have got sample editing also as part of the package if you want to be sure of the quality. Contact us at info@prowesspub.com or call 044-2234-2204 for more details.

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