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  • Five Secrets of Effective Social Media Marketing for Authors

    July,21, 2017ByProwess Publications

    Marketing your book on social media cannot be taken for granted by authors. It needs careful execution of a well-thought-out strategy.

    There were days when author’s job was done once he/she typed the last word of the book. The publishing agency would take care of publishing and promotional activities. But authors of the 21st century do not have that luxury. They cannot afford to ignore marketing of their book in social media due to the high competition. Authors use social media to reach out to their potential audience by sharing authentic information. But if every author is doing their part the challenge is in creating a unique social media campaign.

    Here are some secrets for using social media effectively to spread awareness and persuade your potential readers.

    Know your audience
    Before sharing any content in social media you must do your homework of understanding the customer. Knowing more details about the demographics, culture and habits of your readers will help you write relevant posts. Dig deeper into the psychology of your readers. Make notes of their interests (what pages and/or accounts do they like, follow, etc.). Ideally, this work should have been done before writing the book, but if you haven’t, it’s never too late to do your research. Prepare a list of topics to satisfy the content cravings of your audience .

    Choose your platform
    There are several channels of promotion in social media. The most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Every medium serves a different audience and might not suit your style. Go through all the popular social media platforms to find out your primary channels to engage your readers. Your campaign and promotional activities will only be successful when you understand your readers and the medium you choose to connect.

    To-do list
    • Facebook pages are profiles specially created by companies or people to spread awareness. You must have an author page and a page for your book on Facebook. Share quotes from your book occasionally and generate curiosity about the book with relevant content.
    • Challenge yourself to develop compelling text in 140 characters for Twitter and share at regular intervals.
    • On Instagram you can share photos of the places you travel, your writing place, and other relevant photos. By engaging with readers in social platforms you will know more about their taste and preferences which can be substantial information for your next book.

    Stand out from the crowd
    Every author is trying to build his/her own fan following through social media. So how will you stand out from the crowd? Why should people be interested in your content on Facebook or Twitter? The key to standing out from the crowd is to share posts with compelling and relevant content. Your posts in social media should have a proper blend of information and promotion. Readers should be fed content that is relevant to them and in the process, they should come to know about you and your book.

    Things to avoid

    Remember, people are not there in social media to buy things – they are there to connect and for entertainment. You should avoid posting in social media 24*7 and irrelevant content. Prefer to have a mix of types of information you share – you can follow the rule of one thirds. It says one third of your social media content should be promotional, one third to share news and ideas of your industry and the remaining one third should focus on author brand building. This approach will make your presence genuine and attract more readers.

    Social media marketing is not just about numbers anymore. Smart algorithms will divert your content only to like minded people. So, what matters is not the number of likes but the engagement level you have with your readers – and ultimately quality of the content. These are some tips you might need while promoting your book. To know more about book marketing and promotion subscribe to our email newsletter.

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