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Hemalatha Gnanasekar


June,24, 2019ByProwess Publications

Hemalatha Gnanasekar works as a secretary in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. She lives in Chennai. Reading is and has always been her passion and has slowly fueled her desire and zest for writing. Even as she Juggles and maintains the balance between home and work life, she still manages to write a few pages every day. Her books generally describe the contemporary lifestyle of people and the complications they get entangled with. She also likes to write about women and the variegated challenges they face.

My inspiration for writing this book is “for a relaxed life, parents need to cultivate patience and move towards peace by being kind and generous in the forgiveness of others”. This book conveys the ways to balance both work and family to lead a happy life.

My suggestion for aspiring authors is “if you had ever wanted to write and publish a book, this is the time. Just take out your pen and put on your thinking cap and start writing”.

Her Books Collections

The Priceless Gift

Life is never a straight line. Priya is a typical modern-day woman in India. Independent and full of life, she spends her days at her job working hard to secure a better life for herself. She also has a close connection with her mother, who dotes on her daughter endlessly. But her work life and home life collide on one disastrous day. Author Hemalatha Gnanasekar crafts this compelling story with realistic characters that speak to the heart of the human experience. A story rooted in India, yet shared by diverse cultures across.
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No Turning Back

Love never leaves. In India, Swaminathan is a gentle and loving husband to Shanthi. Determined to be a good man to her, Swaminathan is, unfortunately, subject to Shanthi’s domineering abuse. When their daughter is born, Swaminathan knows he must present a good example to her, despite his wife’s behavior. But Shanthi hurts their daughter whenever she’s mad at Swaminathan, and he can’t take it anymore. He decides to leave the house and his family. In this compelling tale, pain and pleasure exist side by side. But no matter how far one man may stray, the love of his family will always be his guiding light.
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Life Lessons from India: A Woman’s Memoir

Only a woman can find the true meaning of life. In this thoughtful and illuminating collection of essays, author Hemalatha Gnanasekar recalls the most consequential experiences of her life as a woman in India. These 16 thought-provoking essays are drawn directly from her own life, but their universal themes will inspire people of all backgrounds to find a deeper meaning in their lives as well. A chance meeting with a former teacher helped her understand that wrinkles and weight gain are a natural part of life. These and other life-changing stories are beautifully presented in this collection of life lessons.
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Joys and Woes of Marriage in India

Love is difficult, but always worth it. In India, love manifests itself in many forms. This centuries-old culture has defined and redefined the concept of love for all the world to see. But like many people, love in India has its own trials and tribulations. Heartbreak and ecstasy coexist together, and that is where love’s beauty lies. In Joys and Woes of Marriage in India, 20 short stories address love and marriage across the spectrum. Ranging in topics from dowries, in-laws, finances and so much more, these 20 illuminating stories crystallize what it means to be in love, and what it takes to maintain it. Focusing on the modern Indian woman – independent, intelligent and determined – these insightful and humorous stories shine a light on people who have suffered in darkness for too long.
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The Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold is a gripping romance thriller that explores not only the dangerous territory of love and marriage but also the changing culture of modern Indian city life. Mukesh and Nithya are caught between time-honored traditions and the new, fast-paced global lifestyle. Mukesh, a successful businessman on a steady rise in the corporate world, is hesitant when his mother urges him to find a wife. But when she introduces him to the bride she’s chosen for him, Mukesh is surprised by his luck: Nithya is beautiful, smart, cultured, and from a good family. It seems like a perfect match, and he finds himself falling in love. But before he can settle into his new married life, Nithya tells him the horrible truth: her parents blackmailed her into the marriage. Instead of love and companionship, it’s longing and agony for Mukesh while Nithya feels only anger and resentment towards him and her parents.
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Surprises from India: Works of Short Fiction

Nobody’s perfect. People come in a wide variety of flavors. Some are happy, some are angry, and some are absurdly funny. And sometimes… all three! In Surprises from India – Works of Short Fiction, you’ll meet an interesting assortment of characters in 35 compelling short stories. They run the gamut of backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: representing the best – and worst – of humanity. But most importantly, these compelling stories will teach you valuable lessons.
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