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How much does it cost to self-publish a book?

July,3, 2018ByProwess Publications

One of the first question every author asks when they look for book publishing is how much does it cost to self-publish a book? If you are new to the publishing world, you can easily end up paying a fortune. The two parts of the cost are the time and effort you put in to write and the amount you pay to the publisher for services. In this blog we will investigate why and how much you really need to pay to publish a book.

Let’s look at the five important services of book publishing – editing, cover and interior design, printing and distribution, and marketing one by one.


After working hard on your book for months you don’t want your readers to find errors while reading. You want to give them an awesome experience while turning pages, free from any mistakes in the script. Professionals who specialize in correcting mistakes in grammar and spelling are known as copy editors. The other editor who looks into flow of plot, depth of character and ending is comprehensive editor. Depending on the kind of editing your book needs, Prowess Consultants can find you the best in the industry at affordable prices. You can assume that comprehensive editing will cost you slightly higher than copy-editing due the additional effort required in the process. Costs vary between 0.25 Rupees to 1 Rupee per word.

Cover and Interior Design

Books with an intriguing cover design are bound to get picked up in the store. A relevant, beautiful and innovative cover can help you get your reader to turn the first few pages of the book or read the blurb at the back – enough to capture imagination of your customer. This easy looking process needs attention of experts in the field. A passionate designer will research on the topic, look for  trendy designs and add years of experience to create a cover design for your book that represents the essence of your book. Usually Cover Design service will cost you somewhere between Rs 5,000 to 25,000.

Printing and Distribution

It’s only when you print that you get to hold the book in your hands and flip through pages – experience a paperback written by you. Creating a perfect hardcopy book is no easy task. A team of designers work tirelessly to put every word in place and decorate the interior, one page at a time.

Once printing is done you move to distribution. You have to plan and print the number of copies you think will sell and keep inventory. Our publishing consultant will help you analyze the market for the book and plan accordingly. However, if you maintain more than necessary/recommended inventory, you have to bear cost of storing the books. At Prowess we choose print on demand model for distribution of books. We print books as per demand and maintain a minimum inventory, thus avoiding any additional charges to author for inventory management.


Do you think that you will be able to sell books without making any effort in marketing? Well, it’s a fantasy of every author to sell millions of copies with only word of mouth publicity. However in reality, self-published authors put in months of hard work to create and execute well-planned marketing campaigns in both online and off line platforms. They create awareness about the book in relevant audience through advertisements in multiple platforms. Blogging, author website, video trailer, and social media platforms have made it possible for everyone to become a literary superstar by making intelligent and effective book promotion campaigns.

At Prowess, our marketing experts take every book as an individual project and create a separate book marketing plan and help authors promote their books. With the help of advanced tools in social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we help authors reach target audience and create awareness about the book. Book Marketing may appear over whelming initially, but don’t worry, our publishing consultants will brief you about the promotion campaign structure at your convenient time.

Book Publishing is more than just printing. We believe every book deserves a professional finishing, should be error free, and reach its audience by carefully crafted strategy for distribution, sales and marketing. Self-publishing a book gives you the freedom to publish when and how, however the services do not come for free. Companies employ specialists in the field to create your book in the best possible way. At Prowess, we like to say authors invest in the book creation process, as authors earn royalty as high as 90% on every copy sold. To explore the most appropriate publishing package for your book, do visit our packages page.

In case you want selected services and a customized package for your book, call us on +918497924873 or send an email at info@prowesspub.com, our publishing consultant will explain you the details.

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