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How to self-publish a book in India?

October,10, 2017ByProwess Publications

Book publishing in India is going through a revolution. Innovative book publishers like Prowess have made it possible for authors to self-publish a book in India at convenience.

As an author, you might think writing is the most challenging part of the journey to becoming a published author. However, post writing begins the struggle of reaching your audience. A lack of knowledge in this section can lead to low sales and poor visibility of your book – an unsatisfying publishing experience. In self-publishing, where you stay in control of the publishing process, you want everything to be perfect.

Here’s a step-by-step account of the processes involved in your expedition to self-publish a book in India.


A professional editor can convert your great book into a memorable book. While your friends and family can proofread your manuscript, a professional editor will scan every word and provide you honest reviews with the sole purpose to improve the book.

Authors tend to get too close to the picture to identify minute mistakes in the text. Editors are a visitor to your book. Fresh new eyes bring new perspective to your manuscript. They read with an intention to find mistakes, if any, and then suggest changes. Copy editors look for spelling, tone, coherence, word choice, punctuation and grammatical errors that escaped your attention. Comprehensive editors, on the other hand, suggest major changes in the plot and style. In self-publishing the choice of editing your book is yours. You can decide to do it yourself, hire freelancers, or let our experienced editors do the job. At Prowess, we recommend every author to get their book edited by a professional.

Book creation

Once editing is finalized, your book moves to the crucial stage of book creation. A creative team of designers uses their years of experience to decide the presentation styles that best suit your book. Two broad aspects of book creation are cover design and interior design.

An appropriate cover design can attract, persuade and sell. A book cover is more than just an image; it arouses curiosity among the visitors and lures them to pick it up from the shelf. As a self-published author, you get the luxury to instruct the designer and select the best cover design according to your ideas. Similarly, details of the interior design are also done in consultation with the author. However, a publishing consultant guides you at every step if you are new to the publishing process. Your book moves to the printer only when you approve the final version of the book.


Book distribution is the backbone of the publishing industry. Distributors take the pain of unveiling books to readers in corners of the world. Self-publishing companies have agreements with major distributors like Ingram, Amazon, and Flipkart, and take the responsibility to deliver the book within time. Ebook version of your book will add to the sales mileage as you can tap into electronic reading devices. We recommend every author to create an eBook to meet all kinds of readers.


Sometimes even after writing a terrific book, creating the best designs for your book and making it available worldwide, sales are restricted to your known friends and family. No author would be happy if their book did not reach an audience beyond known people in worst case scenario. So what do you do?

Well, what you need is a book marketing plan and consistent efforts in promotional activities. Making your book visible to your potential readers is no cake walk, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Traditional authors do not have to worry about promoting their book; they have the luxury to be limited to a writer. On the other hand, self-published authors are not just writers; they are entrepreneurs.  You will need to tackle the responsibility of promoting their book to the right people through a marketing funnel. Every book is unique and needs a different marketing strategy. The marketing department at Prowess treats every book as an individual project, designs a plan and execute the promotional campaign with precision to reach the maximum audience. We can assist you or take over marketing of your book. In either case, your involvement in the process is crucial. There lies the trade secret. You learn the tricks of running a marketing campaign with experts and slowly begin doing it independently for your future books. Broadly, the channels of promotion in book marketing involve author website, blog, social media, guest posting, press releases, and video trailer.

Popular self-published authors are entrepreneurs who know the importance of every aspect of the publishing process, apart from being terrific writers. If all the above information is new to you and appears overwhelming, don’t worry. Our publishing consultants will be there to guide you at every stage of the process. Contact us at info@prowesspub.com or call 044-2234-2204 for more details.

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