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Interview of B.Wati- Author of Hope of the Ages

May,3, 2019ByProwess Publications

B. WATI, a former teacher one day decided to hold the pen to propagate the message of peace. That was the beginning of the journey. He began with writing bulletins and articles for newspaper and magazines. His passion for writing took the next level with the book Hope of the Ages.

With his book, he has the hope to touch many lives and spread peace. Here are some shared tidbits of his journey and motto. 


Tell us something about your book Hope of the Ages.      

The book is based on the peace we have been longing for ages. Looking back to the histories I found there are two types of peace; the peace created and initiated by us that often ends with one right and one wrong, one winner and one loser that often led to more sufferings.

We are selfish by nature and on this man lived and struggled throughout the ages. The other one is the peace brought as a gift by our God when we did not deserve it.

It is not necessary to make laws to create this peace. It can be created when there is fellow feeling, care, and respect to each other. This is the original peace and the only assignment to a man from the creator.

In the present social, political and scientific advancements the message of peace seems outdated, but all these will be judged by this old-peace. The book tells about this peace.


What inspired you to write this book?

Starting from an individual and families to nations we don’t find peace. All are enemy to each other. People and nations are more concerned and busy in seeking new knowledge, All these make us sick, and this inspired me to search and write about this.


What would you say to the aspiring authors?

I am not a perfect writer. Reading and writing are my hobbies. One of the pleasures I get is when I read other’s views and express them. I believe we have still a lot to read and share our opinions to the world for the good of humanity.


Will you recommend self-publishing to other authors? If so why? What do you like about self-publishing?

In self-publishing, I found more of an author’s choice and rights as well as in pricing the book, so I prefer in self-publication of a book.


How was your experience of publishing your book with Prowess? Would you recommend Prowess to other authors?

Well, this is my first time with the Prowess Publishing House. I found this house very cooperative in all my works and educating me in publishing this book. For aspiring authors like me, Prowess Publishing will be helpful.


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