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Interview of Divya Reddy Meda- Author of Art Eloquence

March,11, 2019ByProwess Publications

Divya Reddy Meda published her first book “Art Eloquence” – A collection of sketches with Prowess Publishing in January 2019. We are excited to associate with her in this unique project and help her reach her goals. In this interview, Divya explains what inspired her to self-publish her book and begin her author career.


How are you feeling after publishing your first book?

Pretty excited! I never thought I will have a book of my own. So this is very special to me. When the book came out, I was speechless. The design, color, and aesthetics impressed me. It was exactly like I had imagined.

What made you publish this painting book?

I wanted to do something unique with my paintings. Showcasing my art in an exhibition is a dream, and not everybody gets a chance. But I knew people would love to see my sketches. So, I decided to create a book and publish all my work so that it’s available for anybody interested across the world.

For me, this book is like a permanent showcase for my paintings.

Each of your paintings depicts some kind of story. So, what was your inspiration behind it?

I visit orphanages and volunteer, like charity work. I see a lot of underprivileged kids and seeing them, I feel I have an advantage. For example, when you buy a pair of shoes, you start complaining that the shoes’ fit is giving you pain. But then some people have no legs at all. Then you realize what you have.

So, I meet these people and get involved with their stories as they share it with me. Each one of my paintings is a story of a person I interacted with.

What are your plans for your next book?

I would like to explore a lot of other things in art. Right now, this is only a book of sketches. I am planning the next book which will be full of colorful paintings. It is going to come out soon.

What were your expectations when you published this book?

I don’t expect an excellent response from the very first day. Maybe it will take a few months. This is a different kind of book. I am predicting this book will get a mixed reaction. But I think it’s a new era to go into.

How was your experience publishing with Prowess?

With Prowess, it’s more like you’re getting into a new family rather than going into a company.  There’s a difference between going and asking can you publish my book? So I actually love Prowess Publishing. It’s more like a family. So, whenever my next book is going to come out, it’s going to be with Prowess.

What will be your piece of advice to aspiring authors?

I think many people are scared of coming up with their creative thinking if it will be good enough. What if it is not accepted? What will happen if nobody buys my book after I publish it? Having such questions is obvious. But I think we have to conquer our fear first so that we will have a chance. At least we have to try to do something different.


The journey of Divya as an author has begun, and she will soon come up with her next book. Even you can start your journey as an author just like her with Prowess.

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