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Jagmohan Malhotra

July,20, 2019ByProwess Publications

Having been exposed to the natural scenery and spending my boyhood amidst flowers and butterflies of the Himalayan hills with abundant brooks, glens, and lakes which could terrify as well as nurture me and were later pasteurized in the lines that I scribbled. I can say that I grew up fostered alike by beauty and by fear, which aspect gave me confidence as a growing boy, the confidence of articulation, which is vividly visible in my poems.

As I grew I started feeling the pains of the abandoned, the poor, the beggars, vagrants and oppressed. This profound sympathy made way through my sombre poems written from time to time because the poet in me wanders through various moods at different times. In moments of tranquility, I recollected those emotions excited by the objects, situations or phenomena. This contemplation of emotions is what made me a poet, how good I leave it to my readers to judge.

Later, while at university, the study of literature further enriched my mind and I realized poetry is the best way to catharsis. Thus at the moment of creation, the tranquility is replaced by spontaneous emotional excitement of powerful feelings and gives vent to the gale of thoughts that engulfs the mind.

The sense of higher sensibility, which grew in me with the time, helped me to observe and feel things more deeply. This intense and keen enthusiasm was a source of pleasure for me that taught me the lesson of the oneness of nature and man.

Born in the pre-independence era, I have gone through numerous walks of life and chew the cud of all that I have lived so far. Some of my experiences are served to you through this small volume named ‘An Impression’.

Book Published by him

An Impression

Impressions are when I feel the anger of the Sun or I see the pine trees talking to the skies. Impressions are the cities turned dust bins or a lonely dog scared by stone-pelting. Everything that happens around creates an impression in our minds that find expression in some way or the other. The only difference is what the narrator adds to it the way he felt. When you read the pages, just don’t read but chew, digest and savor the capturing. You would find predictions in Namo’s portrait about the world opening doors and yes it happened. Same way if you start connecting yourself to mother nature, you would feel that the tress talk, the flowers smile, and the rain is a magical happening which drenches you deep in emotions.
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