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How to Get Reviews for Your Book

  Do you remember checking reviews about the product before making the final buying decision? Chances are you did before buying a book. If you have already published a book, your next part of the work starts here. The review process can even start even before the book's official release date. Authors can give reviewers advanced review copies. To make a distinguishing mark as an author you need to ensure that you have a strong reader base. It is essential for you to influence and … Read more

Five reasons to convert your blog into a book

convert blog into book

  Converting your blog into a book is a great way to start your author career. An established reader base and available content can minimize your efforts to write a book and promote it. Blogs are a medium to express thoughts, opinions or share stories/poems with the world. The two most widely used means of blogging are WordPress and Blogger. You can also choose to have your own website with a separate blog section. Regular posts on your blog can help you keep consistency with writing and … Read more

Blogging for Authors 102: What should you blog about?

Now that you have decided to start a blog, one of the questions that can trouble you is "What should I blog about?" Well, it depends on your genre. Popular author bloggers like Preeti Shenoy or Seth Godin are focused on their topics and appeal to a targeted audience. You need to think through the ideas, the themes, and writing style of the blogs as it would be an extension of the author brand. Clarity on the intention of the blog will help you add your perspective to the article. Non-fiction … Read more

Blogging for Authors 101 – Why start a blog?

Marketing of your book begins long before you start writing your manuscript. A popular blog can prepare a potential reader base of your book before your book even hits the stores. You might argue if my book is well written, why do I need to start a blog? Well, you definitely want your book to be read by as many people as possible, but you prefer limiting your marketing strategies to word of mouth. In short, you want to avoid proactive efforts to reach your audiences and let the book do the … Read more

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