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  • Five Powerful Tactics to Increase Book Sales

    Five Powerful Tactics to Increase Book Sales

    You wrote a terrific book, and received excellent reviews from friends, fellow writers and critics as well. Yet, sales are below expectations. So what went wrong? Disappointing sales figures of your book could arouse self-doubt and spoil your plans if you had high earning expectations. Your creative mind might start thinking of writing something better next time which will take care of sales automatically. A good idea, but if you do not make any extra effort to increase book sales, you might …

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    Five strategic book marketing tips for self published authors

      Book marketing involves diligent work for months and victory is not guaranteed. While you make all possible efforts to reach the maximum audience, strategic mistakes in the process can be disastrous.   After analyzing fellow self-published authors and expert’s opinion in the publishing industry you decided to overcome your hesitation in marketing your book. You realized that unlike authors in traditional publishing, self-published authors do a lot of the heavy lifting in …

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    How to Build an Author Brand Without Expert Help

    Now that you have chosen self publishing, one of the important steps that need attention from day one is brand building. Unlike traditional publishing, where marketing was done by the publisher only, authors today are their own brand ambassadors. Brand building for authors is not limited to established writers; neither is it rocket science. The democratic nature of the Internet and social media equips every author with tools to construct their unique brand. One of the sweet dreams of every …

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