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The importance of book video trailers in book marketing

May,27, 2019ByProwess Publications


How do you decide if you want to watch a movie? You have a quick look at its trailer to have an idea what the movie deals with. Much like a movie, a book trailer video will enable your book to stand out in the crowd.

In this article we will cover topics like:

a) What is a book trailer?
b) Some facts about video trailers
c) 5 critical reasons why videos are considered for book promotion
d) What should be there in a book trailer video?
e) Distribution of video trailer


What is a Book Trailer?

For the individuals who have never known about this idea, think about a book trailer as a video that publicizes your book.

The fact is to push your potential group of readers with a sample of the creative piece that will build up the interest in your book. Overview of the plot; invoking interest; making a buzz- A successful book trailer will do every one of these things with high video quality and sound.


Facts about video trailer

Experts say that an image is worth 1,000 words. So, you can estimate how these 1-2 minute video can be precious. Consider the 1 billion or more viewers on YouTube who watch more than 4 billion videos every day. Add to these details the consistently developing utilization of video on Facebook with its about 2.2 billion clients and you get a look into exactly how fantastic a video can be.

As per ComScore, readers are 64% more inclined to buy your book on if they see a book trailer that introduces your book.

Using a book trailer on a business website page can expand transformation rates by as much as 80%.

Guests to your author website stay for 2 minutes longer in a website that has a video trailer than those who do not have a trailer video.

92% of regular video watchers share videos. (Source: Invodo)

As per Forrester Research, writers who use book trailer video in email campaigns can encounter higher Open Rates that might show an increase from 19% to 300%!


Why is video a significant part of the book promoting?

There are 5 essential reasons why readers have relied upon book trailer videos. Let’s find out the reasons below:

1. The reach and prominence of video enable the creation to be seen by enormous quantities of existing and potential new fans.
2. Video can legitimately affect your advertising endeavors since it is a “shareable” medium that can make a quick buzz about your book.
3. Video can encourage further associations among writers and their readers by expanding the KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor, which is essential for book deals.
4. Video helps keep your book to be on the mind of the readers as they have the impact of the trailer. This will influence the decision of buying your book over another.
5. Video is financially savvy. Once made, it keeps on conveying your message all day, every day with no further costs.


What should be there in a book trailer video?

A book trailer is a particular sort of video showcasing. Some video showcasing details that authors should know about are:

Quality Matters – A low-quality book trailer will affect your book. Don’t consider utilizing your cell phone to make a book trailer. Indeed, these gadgets have made some amazing progress, and there are numerous applications out there able to do some quite exceptional video creation. In any case, except if you have the right skill and tools, your best alternative is to drop it to the experts.

Timing is everything – The best book trailers are somewhere in the range of 60 and 90 seconds in length. This is adequate time to catch your book’s message, engage the viewers, and leave them needing more. You need not cover each plot point or uncover each character. Furthermore, don’t give away the sudden closure!

Add a call to action – Since a book trailer is a commercial for your book, you ought to incorporate significant data, for example, the release date and where can it be purchased from. This is best introduced toward the finish of the trailer after you have caught the viewer’s attention.

The right content– Compose a content explicitly for video. Begin with your book’s theme. It’s generally short and gives enough detail without giving endless details of the plot. Make your trailer’s length not more than 90 seconds. A decent principle guideline to start with is 50 words that will cover a 30 seconds video.

Find suitable music– Music sets the passionate tone of the trailer and is similarly as significant as the visuals. Closely connected to the story, you’re telling with the video. Watch trailers in your genre to think about what kind of music is used.

Make the video device friendly– This is one of the significant reasons why you need an expert. The trailer must be compatible for all users like Windows, Android, Mac, etc.


Distribution of the video trailer

Sharing your trailer in numerous platforms is essential. Although YouTube and Facebook is an excellent spot to post, there is much work that is to be done. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. There are video sharing methods and platforms that you must focus on.  Pull in the traffic from all different sources to the platform you want to have the maximum exposure.

To sum up, marketing a video is not a science that follows a methodology, but it is some excellent ideas placed in the right place at the right time.

Do share your valuable inputs regarding book promotion through video trailer. Feel free to share your great ideas with us.

In case, you need more insight on the book trailer marketing techniques and require expert help in the video creation; you can consult the marketing specialists of Prowess Publishing. Visit www.prowesspub.com now!

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