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The importance of good book cover design

November,7, 2017ByProwess Publications

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is more meaningful as a metaphor than its literal meaning. In reality, we love to scan through book covers when we buy a book at the bookstore or online. A good book cover design that intrigues customers with relevant image, colour and design can do everything you want your content inside the book to do – sell more copies.

An aspiring author today enjoys the freedom and power to publish anything written in a word document and become a published author overnight. Thanks to advanced technologies like eBooks, print on demand and author-friendly self-publishing companies for the incredible revolution in the publishing industry. However, you would agree that every author wants his/her book to reach all potential readers, be read in the far away continents and receive reviews from unknown people. To achieve the goal, you need to think as an entrepreneur apart from being a terrific writer. You should grab every opportunity to get attention, generate interest, arouse desire and persuade potential readers to buy your book. But how do you do that?

Authors use multiple tools to grab every opportunity they get to position their book in potential reader’s psychology and increase sales potential. A good book cover design is one such tool. Here’s a list of reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to invest time and energy in creating a good book cover design.

Creates curiosity

An attractive book cover creates curiosity among potential readers. It conveys the theme of the story or the content inside in a cryptic way. It manages to hold attraction of readers and make them think, leaves an impression and finally forcing them to pick up and turn pages – all through successfully generating enough curiosity.

Grabs attention

Your book can provide knowledge, share an experience or tell a story, but to get your reader to turn the first page, you have to attract their attention. Many writers believe if the content is good, the cover design is not important. However, you will be at the risk of losing out many potential readers who love a good picture on the book cover. Why lose out on an opportunity to get more readers?

A good book cover design is preferred by store owners for showcasing them in the best place in the store to get every visitor’s attention. Similarly, it grabs the attention of fellow passengers when it is read in public places like the train or bus.

Introduces theme

A good cover design is a promise of the content inside. It reflects the quality, uniqueness of the content and generates an emotional response in the reader’s mind. In addition to creating curiosity and garbing attention, a good book cover design also introduces the theme of the book. The reader gets mentally prepared for the story inside. For example, a dark image of a haunted place showing two big eyes in a cover page prepares a reader’s mind for a horror fiction. A cover design helps readers in this transformation of the mental state.

 Builds author brand      

A book cover design without any creativity can be easily identified in a crowd of books. Readers are likely to develop a feeling that the author hasn’t taken enough interest in creating an attractive cover design. You do not want to build such an image in your reader’s mind.

A great book cover design that suits the theme and title of the book also builds your author brand. Slowly, readers will get used to the spark of creativity they find in your books and will identify you before reading the author’s name in a book.

The book cover design tries to put a form to the thousands of words written inside. It attempts to convey the story without saying directly; it triggers interest among potential readers and persuades them. Creating an attractive, appropriate and intriguing design for your book cover needs the full attention of experienced hands. Prowess has some of the best graphic designers in the industry to help you transform your ideas into a professional image and ensure a long-lasting impression with readers. Check out our sample designs here.

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