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Upma Singh

October,21, 2019ByProwess Publications

Upma Singh is a spiritual thinker and writer. She likes to write and research about space, aliens and mysterious phenomenon of the Universe. She is a passionate artist and her paintings are straight out her lucid dreams and astral projections. She loves to explore mountains and take inspiration from nature for her writing and painting. She believes in the existence of Extra-terrestrials and had encounters with them herself through dreams.

Book Published by Her

Skylinnium: The unknown is only hidden

When Skilaxy Hill discovers the existence of the extraterrestrials on Earth, her life takes a thrilling and adventurous turn. Aliens on Moon, Psychic abilities, Magic, Blue Aliens… Was Everything she had been taught is nothing but a big lie? Skilaxy Hill, born in a typical urban city, is confused as to why she had to be born in a world that is devoid of all things she sees in her dreams- Aliens, magic, other-worldly landscapes.
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My Experience with Prowess

My experience with Prowess was very good, especially because of team coordination. They are very cooperative and helpful throughout the publishing process and kept everything very smooth and hassle-free

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