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Why Should You Publish Your Book

April,16, 2019ByProwess Publications


Are you an aspiring author? Or you are still in two minds whether you should actually take up the courage to write a book?

If the question “Should I write a book?” comes to your mind it means you have something to tell.


Remember each one of us has a story to share. A story that people will connect to. Your story might inspire another person who is a part of a similar story.

Writing is a way to introspect and a thoughtful activity that will help you re-explore your identity. You might have a 9-5 job, but in your lifetime you should also give a chance to your passion. The possibility of an author is not known until one starts writing. Create your own destiny and start a new career by exploring your passion for writing.


You may have completed writing your first script. You might still be in the process of writing one. Maybe you believe that you write only random thoughts or poetry which is not worth publishing.

You are not alone. There are many people like you, who are just afraid to take the first step.

We understand that taking the first step is most difficult. But before you jump into any conclusion, get to the end of this article as that might change your decision.


Why people do not feel confident about publishing their first book


They misjudge their own creation: Do not misjudge yourself and decide if the book is worth a read. Let the readers decide. Remember, for an author, there is no better critic than the readers. The readers make the author, and you need to publish your book to get their response.


Repeated rejections from traditional publishers: This is an age-old reason why authors are not confident about their books. Once the script is sent to traditional publishers, there is a long wait for the approval. Rejections are quite common. So, the authors are under the constant stress of getting their manuscript published.

Even if the script is accepted, the author is guided by the publishing house to make specific changes as per the publishing guidelines of the agency.

Creativity and literary indulgences are somewhat curbed that demoralizes them. Change in script stoops down their excitement, and they have no other way than accepting the entire thing.


Time Consuming: People who choose the path of self-publishing sets his/her mind that there will be a long wait between the script approval and the book reaching the bookshelf.

But what if we say you, there is a way where you can publish a book in 30-45 days. Yes! That is possible. Keep reading to know how.

Till now, we discussed the significant reasons concerning the fear of not publishing a book. It’s time to share a solution to all these problems.


The only answer to the above-stated problems is SELF PUBLISHING.

We would want to tell you four essential things which can change the way you look at your author career.


Publishing a book is not anymore a privilege or restricted to a few people. No rejection from the publisher end. You can publish almost anything without the approval of the publishers. Self-publishing allows the readers to decide the quality of a script, not a group of critics with a rejection attitude. You can publish almost anything you have written.


You can self-publish your book within 30 days and release it at a convenient time. Self-publishing allows authors to take control of the book creation process.


You can earn up to 90% of royalty on every book sold. Yes, you read that right. The report of the number of books sold every month is updated, and the royalty directly goes to your bank account. You can start earning within 30 days.


In the self-publishing model, it is the author who decides everything about the book. Right from the choice of page quality to the price of the book, everything is under your control.


Your time is now.


You have a chance to share your words, thoughts, and passions with the world. Don’t let that chance slip through your fingers.

There’s a destination where you can go to transform your dream of publishing into reality. Prowess Publishing is right by your side to kick start your author career.


At Prowess, we think there are millions of stories waiting to be told, all they need is the right platform en route self-publishing.


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