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Rakshitha Setty


October,1, 2020ByProwess Publications

My Experience with Prowess

Publishing a book with Prowess is so simple, I am impressed with the book’s quality. Initially, I have published a paperback book and now thinking to publish an eBook too.

Rakshitha Setty started as a journalist in the inspirational writing category by discovering her passion for writing. She has interviewed and covered inspiring stories of celebrities and achievers from various domains. Believing that non-fiction is not merely a genre but a culture, she finds her keen interest in presenting the world with her self-help purport. In this light, Rakshitha has authored her first book ‘Wing Up- Recipe For Self Development.’ She is an avid musician and art lover.

Book Published by Her

Wing Up: Recipe For Self Development

This book is an exclusive compilation of my thoughts and perceptions. In totality, there are 99 epigrams listed here, which represent the anecdotes of my life experiences. In this pure nonfiction read, I’ve humbly attempted to describe erudition as lucid as possible to foster confidence in the readers’ minds.
Success lures the world, and we are on our toes to manifest our mind and soul with a burning desire to achieve. Many times, the answer to the question of how to succeed could be the key to realizing all our dreams and goals. 99 lines of wisdom featured in this book render 99 distinct formulae, which aptly pave the path for self-discovery and introspection.
Plying to success aspirants, ‘Wing Up’ aims to awaken and reawaken you- readers, and nurture your hope of victory. This collection of thriving marvels essentially treads you towards contentment. Every advice penned resembles a trove of treasure that stimulates the development of your personality, which helps you create a life of your choice. Every bit of this book calls for self-knowingness and helps you read the inner you.
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