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Savitri Devi Yerramsetty

SavitriDevi Yerramsetty - CTET State TETs papers

Savitri Devi Yerramsetty is a post-graduate in Computer Science (Andhra University) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Osmania University). She is a certified TESOL trainer in Advanced English and Business English. She has been a passionate educationist in all her 14 years of career in the field of education. She has worked as an Educator, Vice Principal, Principal, Online Educator, Subject Matter Expert, Project Coordinator, Consultant, etc. With various institutions, and has been … Read more

Nandita Bajaj

Charlie and Scarlett Nandita Bajaj

Nandita Bajaj had pursued her Graduation. Being a teenager she has a little bit of interest in writing, painting and public speaking. Her aim is to spread her words to people out there. She likes reading books and has a great desire to become one of the best-known writers. She enjoys writing fiction as it leads us to develop our writing skills and imagination in a creative way. She loves writing things that she never experienced but once they are read by someone they feel it. ‘CHARLIE AND … Read more

Corona Virus Symptoms & Preventive Measures to avoid it

corona virus symptoms and prevention

“Change is the Law of Nature, so it’s very basic to comply with the law” When we talk about the Corona Virus, it’s a virus that spread like normal cold and cough. And require some measures to be taken into consideration. So before you take your normal coughing and sneezing for granted. Here we have some pointers to realize what you are facing is normal or it indicates a symptom of Novel Coronavirus. If you are surrounded by people who cough, sneeze or have cold beware to look closer to … Read more

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