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Blogging for Authors 101 – Why start a blog?

September,7, 2017ByProwess Publications

Marketing of your book begins long before you start writing your manuscript. A popular blog can prepare a potential reader base of your book before your book even hits the stores.

You might argue if my book is well written, why do I need to start a blog? Well, you definitely want your book to be read by as many people as possible, but you prefer limiting your marketing strategies to word of mouth. In short, you want to avoid proactive efforts to reach your audiences and let the book do the talking. Not a great idea, because there are other writers in the market, competing hard to sell their books, and readers have a choice of buying from a dozen other books in the same genre. While you cannot make uninterested people buy your book, you can help potential buyers make the final buying decision by providing relevant information on various platforms.

For first-time authors, blogging can be one of the mediums for developing your reader base. A couple of interesting blog posts every week can get you devoted followers before the book is published. For established authors, blogging is a way of reaching out to your biggest fans.

Here’s a list of reasons that should compel you to start blogging if you are not. If you already have a blog, this will reinforce your beliefs.

To build your author platform

Every author needs a platform to connect with audiences apart from books. A blog is an authentic place where you can engage with readers. It can be an excellent way to build your author platform to convey your thoughts, opinions and connect with your readers. In a blog, you will be in total control over the type of content you want to publish, long or short, with photos or without photos. You can expect full attention of the audience unlike social media, where your reader’s attention span is lower. As the number of visitors increases, you can use the platform to make announcements of upcoming books to create buzz.

Deeper engagement with audience

As blog posts are longer than social media posts, your readers will spend more time on your website. The people who comment were probably moved by the blog and resonated well with your writings. So you can know about the longer form of content people like reading and use the insights while writing books.

Elaborate stage of expressing yourself

140 characters of Twitter and short attention spans of readers on Facebook may not always suit your style of promotion. Blogging is best for authors who enjoy writing long posts. More freedom with word counts in the way you want in your blogs will give an equal amount of freedom of expressing yourself as in books. And most importantly, readers will be more familiar with your thoughts and style of writing so they wouldn’t hesitate to buy your first book or a new book.

 Author Community

Blogging would become a part of your identity. You would belong to a community of authors with blogs or just bloggers. Guest blogging can be an excellent way to promote yourself, and your books. If you are a first-time author having a popular blog might help you convince your publisher.

Blogging will help you build author credibility as it will showcase the expertise, transform you into a thought leader in the industry and in the process help you build your author brand. You can have readers who eagerly wait for your blogs because you won’t be releasing a book daily but you can blog often. In our next blog, we will discuss what kind of topics authors can blog about.

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