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Books have insights that can help you to lead in your life

Books have insights that can lead you in life

February,20, 2020ByProwess Publications

Let Prowess help you read books that give an idea of love, filled in Prowess of words. As it’s better to learn the wisdom stored in books rather than facing all failures over and over again. This February lets read for learning. When you publish with PROWESS you pick the opportunity that paybacks.

Inspirational Books from Prowess

1. Blooming Brains

A book written by DR. Anitha Are that focuses on the importance of nature and nurturance as main pillars of child growth. The Author is a practising Clinical Psychologist in Hyderabad. She has more than a decade experience as a trainer, speaker and leadership coach. This book is very useful to parents, expecting a new blooming brain into their world.
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2. The Guilt is Alive

Read the book of Author Hemalatha Gnanasekar she has beautifully narrated how forcing desire can prepare you to live with the guilt forever. The writer lives with her husband and two children in the heart of Chennai City. And is presently working as a Secretary in M/s. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. She has done her MA in English Literature.
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3. Yatarth

Read this book to Know Why Author Anita Mishra that speaks about life and journey that people go on. She is a hardworking and strong woman who prooved herself in all role of her life as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, as a successful teacher and as a human being, she started from a small village and facing all struggle she not only succeeded herself but also changed the standard of living of many.
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4. Victim of Banking Fraud

CA Pankaj Kumar Kedia has written this to spread awareness and prevent Cyber Crime Victim from such crimes. The author is a CA who is a Graduate and Chartered Accountant, a fellow member of the institute of chartered accountant of India. A Certified auditor of Fraud detection and forensic audit.
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5. Why Code

Author Krishnav Bajoria has narrated the importance of coding and expressed why its an Art. The Author is a fifteen-year-old boy studying in La Martiniere for boys, Kolkata. He is passionate about computers and the sciences. His curiosity could be judged by the number of questions he asked teachers. Computers being his favourite subject became the source of his question-“Why code?.
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6. The Sports Quiz

Debut author Jyotsna Samal has written this book to spread awareness about sports so she has prepared a sports quiz to spread knowledge. This author loves quizzes which she wants the world to know. So, she decided to write a quiz book. This book especially sports base quiz to spread the information.
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7. Think and Go Green

Durga Raghavi. T has written this book to contribute and prevent this damage to nature. The author has Published nearly 15 research papers in various reputed national and international journals. Her passion is to create eco-friendly sustainable living in society through her work and innovations.
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8. Veerendra Nath Singh Officer On Duty (Telugu)

Author Madhu Gudipati has a virtual story based on the real facts. This writer has enough passion, zeal and thorough knowledge about the things in and around the world. He is much interested in current, latest and lively topics which attract the attention of the readers.
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9. Made For Each Other

A book was written by Justroy with the purpose of putting light on the kaleidoscopic view of married life. The Author is a versatile and prolific writer whose hallmark is truth and righteousness. He is also an Educationalist and Counsellor who believes in ‘Education for Empowerment’.
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10. Satyacha Aawaz (Marathi)

Read a book written by Sharad Gaikwad that talks about getting real freedom from all the wrong concepts and deceptive rituals. The author is an Editor of Christian Marathi Monthly Magazine “Divya Preeti” being published from Satara, Maharashtra, India. The author presumes that its necessary to know the truth in this world fast approaching the end.
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