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Dr. Bharati Rane and Dr. Rajeev Rane

A Little Sky off the Wings_Bharati Rane

April,30, 2020ByProwess Publications

Dr. Bharti and Dr. Rajeev Rane are a Gynaecologist-Physician couple who after graduating from the prestigious M.P. Shah Medical College and Irwin Hospital Jamnagar in 1981 decided to start their own medical practice in a small town Bardoli in the Surat district of Gujarat, India where they established their own 25-bed small nursing home. The basic aim was to provide quality medical and social service to the rural Indian population.

Bharti Rane is a well-known author in Gujarati and is recognized for her books on personal essays and travelogues. She has five books to her credit and all of them have won state-level literary awards. Apart from the literature, the Rane duo has traveled the world extensively with a view to studying different people, societies, and cultures. As a couple, they have a quest for achieving the best possible relationship between a man and a woman. This novel evaluates the Indian concept of marriage from the perspective of multiculturism. Putting this thought-provoking cultural dilemma in front of the millennials and the gen-next is their humble effort.

Rajeev Rane is an avid traveler and has penned a book on South Africa. His diverse interests include trekking in nature, hobby flying, reading, and music.

Book Published by them

A Little Sky off the Wings

There is always melancholy in the song of life, a stagnum stream, a mirage, an untraveled road. There is always a sky off the wings.

Hidden amongst the distant Alps of Austria and Italy are scattered settlements of indigenous communities called the Ladins. Even today their world is uninfluenced by the modern materialistic world. Their beliefs and superstitions, their reasons for happiness, and sorrow are uniquely different from ours. This novel set up in the backdrop of the ancient beliefs and enchanting rituals of this mystic community narrates the intricacies of the hidden primordial desires of the human heart and complex human relationship. Leaving behind the humdrum of life Parnavi embarks of an unexplored journey that takes her to the aboriginals the Ladins of Val Badia. Amongst the pristine nature, she finds her illusion unfolds and manifests itself to a convoluted mesh of interpersonal relations as she is confronted with obscure lines defining love and lust.

The novel is written in the form of random pages of a diary by the central character Parnavi addressed to her husband Aditya. There are a few pages of Aditya’s diary too.
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