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Five strategic book marketing tips for self published authors

August,3, 2017ByProwess Publications


Book marketing involves diligent work for months and victory is not guaranteed. While you make all possible efforts to reach the maximum audience, strategic mistakes in the process can be disastrous.


After analyzing fellow self-published authors and expert’s opinion in the publishing industry you decided to overcome your hesitation in marketing your book. You realized that unlike authors in traditional publishing, self-published authors do a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to  promoting their books. You did all that was possible to promote your book online – setting up an author website, writing blogs, social media posts and writing emails, but your efforts failed to yield desired results. Your attempts could not attract more customers as compared to fellow authors – your source of inspiration. So what’s missing? Is it quality or quantity? May be neither if you are marketing your book for the first time, chances are you might be making strategic mistakes, for which you are paying a high price. Here are five strategic book marketing tips that can shoot up sales.


Category of book

Placing your book in the right category in e-commerce platforms like Amazon is critical to sales. Go through all the subcategories in your genre before deciding your category. Try to balance between relevance of the book to the category and visibility, which will lead to more views and higher sales numbers. If your book becomes a bestseller in any niche category it can attract more readers, good reviews and build your author brand.


Relationship with readers

Social media posts and blogs are great tactics for advertising, but to get results you need to engage with your audience. Try to answer every question thrown at you via email or comment. Your personal touch will drive readers’ curiosity about you and your book. By addressing more queries of people, you will be sowing the seeds of a future potential customer.


Pricing your book     

Deciding upon an appropriate price for your book is tricky. You want to put a figure to your months of hard work and balance it with what readers want to pay and competitor’s price. Go through the average industry price in your genre before coming to a conclusion, as pricing too low might not attract customers, and too high price might scare away interested people.


Promotion after launch

Consistency in sales for a long time is always preferable to sales only in the week after the release date.  Consider the book launch only as a milestone in the book marketing journey. You should distribute your energy before and after the book launch with maximum attention to post launch. Promoting includes talking about your book, so you should spend energy cautiously.


Be professional     

This may not be directly related to sales but plays a vital role in building your image among customers. Your communications in every platform should have a professional touch. Craft the book blurb, foreword, preface, acknowledgments, social media posts and emails skillfully. Small mistakes like spelling, grammar, and design or graphics can disappoint your readers.


To achieve success in marketing your book, avoid strategic mistakes that can spoil all your efforts. Subscribe to our email newsletter for more interesting suggestions on book marketing.

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