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Garima Pradhan

December,13, 2019ByProwess Publications

Garima Pradhan is the Best Healer of two life-changing novels – A Girl that had to be Strong and Broken is the new Beautiful. She is a bubbly, energetic person who motivates others with her vibes. Her Contagious smile can easily lift the room with so much light that you will want to talk to her. Being a deep individual she loves deep conversation, self-talk, and music. She writes to heal and set the soul free from pain. She is also a life coach and mentors her readers, that counsels them to become a better individual. Her quotes and words have been appreciated by Tv celebrities like – Meenakshi Sethi, Iqbal Azad & Manish Wadhwa.
Whether its a voice note, IGTV video, YouTube video, she only aims to heal. Her book has healed broken hearts, cured the heartbroken and fixed the failed relationship. She never wanted or desired to be a writer but some hardships made her redirect to her purpose of birth- impact the world with the influential writing style. Her writing was conspired by the universe that made her land as a writer. And she feels blessed being gifted with the talent of healing and motivating others through her words.

Broken is the new Beautiful (BINB) book is dedicated to the Martyrs of Pulwama Attack and the Army families. She is a Debut famed author of her Novel, was crowned with Best Author Bhopal on public voting by 92.7 Big FM and Was Also Appreciated by Ex-Governor of MPAnandiben Patel TWICE and Professor Asha Shukla Mam– Vice-chancellor of Dr. BR Ambedkar University, Mhow. Earlier in her school days, she was appreciated by Dr. APJ Abdul kalam Sir for her poetry on the topic mother. undoubtedly she deserves all the success because her work literally fixes life.

She has been nominated in iWoman Global Award 2019 and Women on Mission 2019 by YOUR STORY for her Debut Novel – “A Girl that had to be Strong”. And Recently have again made it to the international market by being Nominated for iWoman Global Award 2020 for “Broken is the new Beautiful”. Also, her Book has been given esteemed respect and honour in “Thomso 19 A Gleaming GalaLiterary Event of IIT Roorkee 2019” and Her 2nd Novel- Broken is the New Beautiful was given to the WINNERS of a literary event as Award.

Her Books Collections

Broken is the new Beautiful

Broken is the new Beautiful is a story revolving around Seven lives and one TRUTH that changed Everything. Their experience, struggle, nature, and profession will invite Turbulence or will it Take Off? We All were born under one of three Personalities BUT were not given a chance to choose one. Is it your fault if Planets Conspire Your Birth? Is it right to judge someone on the basis of Superstition? Will Khushi and Abhi be Accepted by Society or get Judged for Something they can’t change in themselves? Is it right to choose a Partner for Marriage on grounds of salary, looks, body, the figure, or cooking skill? Is a family divided because of a girl or there is more to the story you never paid heed to? What Differentiates a MAN from a Momma’s Boy? What should you look in a person for Marriage? Not Being in Casual Relationship does really makes you Boring? And just because you are BROKEN, does it makes you LESS Beautiful for having Scars?
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A Girl That Had To be STRONG

A Girl That Had To Be Strong is a rollercoaster and adventurous journey of Advika who struggled her birth. She is unaware of her connection with Lord Ganesha and who is a girl with a different perspective on life. She has a unique personality and is an old school girl who wishes to face all her demons. Will Advika be able to climb the cliff of life with her originality or will change herself to be acceptable to society? Will Advika try or would stop trying by fearing failure? Will her broken trust make her strong or would break her into pieces. Will she believe in her invisible wings and her hidden powers to change the world? Will it be easy for her to climb the cliff of life with bleeding knees, ambiguous path, stormy winds and negative forces that surrounded her to make her fall and break down in life…Will Advika reach the cliff of life or will get inclined to change her original side?
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My Experience with Prowess

I have published two books with Prowess till date, And Prowess takes pride with my Published Novels by them as my books are Bestseller at Prowess. Whether it’s my Real Life Debut Novel- “A Girl that had to be Strong” released in September 2017 or my Recent Release- “Broken is the new Beautiful” launched in May 2019. Publishing two from one house is proof of belief in them, that is the reason I went with them. I would recommend new writers to transform your rough draft into a final draft and be your own boss with PROWESS.

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  1. Priya says:

    This is beautiful she is really a beautiful human being who helps us selflessly not like some authors tht go proudy aftr publish. Garima mam you helped me fight depression bcz of u today i smile,thnks fr everything Mam

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