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Nandita Bajaj

Charlie and Scarlett Nandita Bajaj

March,12, 2020ByProwess Publications

Nandita Bajaj had pursued her Graduation. Being a teenager she has a little bit of interest in writing, painting and public speaking. Her aim is to spread her words to people out there. She likes reading books and has a great desire to become one of the best-known writers. She enjoys writing fiction as it leads us to develop our writing skills and imagination in a creative way. She loves writing things that she never experienced but once they are read by someone they feel it.
CHARLIE AND SCARLETT’ is my first book. I do not have any great experience but I believe I might do wonders in the near future. Hoping the best let’s make the dream into reality.

Book Published by Her

Charlie and Scarlett

Charlie fell in love with Scarlett. He had a great desire to remove all the negativities from her life and made her realize who she was. He made her develop intense fire and passion to make her believe in becoming a successful girl. He supported her in all the aspects of her life and loved her compassionately forever. ‘He came as an unknown but made her well-known’ and it ended up with a great love story ever.
This fascinating story is a mixture of drama, emotion, and suspense.
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My experience with prowess was excellent and I would definitely recommend it to the other authors. I have chosen the best option, as here I got a good and cooperative manager who handled all my script and necessary documents with care. They proceed with the process only when you are satisfied and agree with it. The company will let you know about all the mandatory details regarding the process. When I got my first free books I was so happy with the cover page, design and the colour.

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