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Six reasons you should self-publish your book

October,4, 2017ByProwess Publications

If you have completed writing your manuscript, you may be aware that you can self-publish your book. You have compared self-publishing with traditional publishing, and know that self-publishing suits your need. Yet, you are still unsure if you should self-publish your book.

Well, there is no denying that unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing allows you to get involved in the process and make multiple crucial decisions related to your book. Within a month, you get to publish your book the way you want and when you want.  You also learn about what it’s like to be involved in the publishing process.

While the reasons to self-publish cannot be compiled in one page, these are the most compelling arguments.

Timeline: If you self-publish your book, you can maintain your schedule. Knowing, you can publish your book within a month, you can plan your promotional activities in advance and even dedicate time to writing your next book.

Control over storyline: Self-publishing companies act like your employee in the publishing process. You hire them to get the job done because they are experienced professionals in the publishing business. You retain complete control over the storyline, and your book gets published just the way you want.

High royalties: Self-published authors earn up to 70% on royalties for every copy sold compared to 7 to 10% offered by traditional publishers. Naturally, even established authors now prefer to self-publish their books.

The invention of electronic books and efficient print-on-demand technology reduces the cost involved in the process, which results in high royalty for authors. Added to that is the customer-centric business model of such companies.

Fix errors after publishing: Self-publishing allows you to correct errors in the book even after publishing as the book is maintained in electronic version for eBook and print. In eBooks, the changes are implemented in a couple of hours. Similarly, books to be printed further can also be edited, as electronic versions of the book are used in the print-on-demand process.

Guaranteed publishing: Yes, you read it right. You can publish just about anything you write. Self-publishing companies do not believe in critically analyzing books to publish only the best books. The idea here is to let the readers decide the quality of a book. Not an elite group of critics.

Build credibility: Your decision to self-publish the first book also shows that you are serious about writing. Irrespective of the number of copies you sell, you can claim to be a published author. Also, it’s the best way to get noticed by critics and traditional publishers if you want to get published with them. For example, Amish Tripathi, self-published his first book “The Immortals of Meluha”. He got noticed by traditional publishers and movie makers when the book became a best-seller and bagged himself deals for future book and movie rights.

Self-publishing your book takes courage. It reflects that you are confident about your book and ready to grow as a writer, and accept reviews of readers. Remember, just like any other profession, in writing you grow with every book. So, if you think you will publish only when you write a masterpiece, it’s time you reconsider the decision.

If you and your manuscript are ready, we invite you to join the revolution in the publishing industry and self-publish your book. Send your manuscript to info@prowesspub.com or call 044-2234-2204 for more details.

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