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Traditional Vs Self-Publishing

September,29, 2017ByProwess Publications

Publishing platform can play a critical role in the success of an author’s book and career. Before you choose between traditional and self-publishing, it’s important to understand both from the perspective of your needs.

Time to publish

It may take a couple of months to a few years to write a manuscript. But more than a year to publish a book? Yes, traditional publishing can take more than a year, sometimes a couple of years. The process involves; finding a literary agent, finding a publisher, making changes according to the publisher, editing and designing, and printing. The process takes years for a new author because publishers don’t easily accept a newbie – to protect their brand name.

Self-publishing, on the other hand, is a gift of technology and customer-centric business model. You can publish your book within a month. You contact the publisher, submit your manuscript, choose the services you want and your book will be in the shop in a matter of days. Publishing your book as soon as possible also makes more sense because years of production delays might cause it to lose relevance with the market.

Control over storyline

Traditional publishers enjoy the power of making changes in the manuscript. You can be asked to delete a character or make changes in the plot of the story. Not every author would be happy with changes. In self-publishing, authors have full control over their manuscript and publishers limit themselves to making suggestions.

Design and price

Important features of the book like cover design and price are also determined by the publisher in a traditional model based on market trends. You may or may not be satisfied.

In self-publishing, authors remain in complete control over cover design and price of the book. You can discuss with your publisher and reach a conclusion about design and price.


Writing is not known to be a lucrative profession. Very few writers are able to reach a stage where they sell a million copies, land a movie deal and make a fortune. The reality is, in traditional publishing, authors only receive royalties between 7 to 25 percent on every book sold.

Self-publishing offers you royalties up to 70 percent! If not fortune, you can expect good money depending on sales of your book.


Distribution is one parameter where traditional publishers are a clear winner. However tough the process may look; your book will be available in most of the bookshops you can look around. The sales representative of the publisher takes the burden of making the book available & visible in maximum stores.

Self-publishing companies will make your book available on major online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart within a month and provide electronic and print options for your readers, depending on your needs.

Marketing & promotion

Promoting your book might be draining but it’s worth the effort. Your book will receive the final push towards making it visible to potential customers. You do not want to regret the quality and quantity of the promotion after few months of book release. While traditional publishing companies do their part in the marketing of the book, you do not have a say in the duration, frequency, and investment in the campaign.

In self-publishing, you can choose between packages offered by the company to market the book. With more investments on advertisements, you can intensify the promotional campaign. Social media promotion, book launch event, video trailer are among few techniques used by self-publishing companies. Our self-publishing guide details everything you want to know about the self-publishing process.

Choosing between the two publishing process will also depend on some of your other interests as well. If you are interested in getting brand name of an established publisher, winning literary awards and receiving an advance for contracts, you should prefer traditional publishing. But if you are interested in getting your book published in a month, and control over the publishing process, the marketing process and high royalty, self-publishing is your choice for sure.

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