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6 Simple Steps to Self-Publish Your Book

October,31, 2019ByProwess Publications

Before the advent of self-publishing, anyone looking to get their book out into the world needed to enlist the support and resources of publishing companies, and this process required a substantial amount of time, resilience, and often relinquishing creative control over your book. Now anyone with a great idea can create and publish their book with a limited budget and release it within weeks.
Follow these 6 simple steps to self-publish your book more efficiently

1. Create Your Book:
Whether you’re writing a novel or curating a collection of images in a photo book, the initial step is to create and layout your book’s content. If this is your first time creating a book from scratch this may seem a bit daunting, but Prowess helps you in the book publishing process to make it easier for a beginner or renowned author.

2. Create a Stunning Cover:
If there’s anything that will make or break a potential book sale, it’s the front cover. Your self-published book’s cover should be eye-catching and intriguing, creating enough interest in a reader. This applies to both, eBooks and paperback too. Hence, we recommend our authors to seek professional help from our in-house creative designers to create a book cover that will stand out in the competition.
For a better idea, look at some of our favorite book covers.

3. Edit & Proofread Your Book:
This is a crucial stage of any book publishing process, but it doesn’t have to involve paying for a professional editor. With dedicated time and care, you can ensure that your self-published book hits the shelves as the best possible version of itself. Ask a friend or family member whose opinion you trust to read through your book and provide feedback on the flow, structure, and consistency. Ask them if it was easy to follow and understand? Based on the feedback received you can edit it accordingly.

4. eBook Creation & Printing:
In the early days before the era of electronic devices, paperback books are the only source to read. But in the present digital world, both the versions are popular yet the eBooks are preferred more. So at Prowess, we recommend every author to publish in both the formats to reach maximum readers. We provide the best paper & print quality for every book we publish and for eBooks we publish in any format like pdf, Epub and Mobi.

5. Book Distribution:
Optimizing your book’s online visibility and search engine ranking is one of the most effective things you can do to boost your book sales. And it won’t cost you anything. We distribute your book on popular distribution channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, App Store, Kobo, eBooks2go, Barnes & Noble and Overdrive. While listing your book on distribution channels, we include keywords and phrases in your book’s metadata. Metadata includes the blurb, title, tagline, and genre information. This helps readers find your book better online.

6. Market & Promote Your Self-Published Book:
There are a host of marketing activities that we offer to promote and market your book online. Most of these promotional services are included in the publishing package that you choose for your book. Just pick the publishing package that suits best for your book and let the professionals handle the rest for you while you can sit back, relax and reap the benefits like book sales royalties, enhance your reader’s base online and build a fan base that will only make it easier for you to release your next book. Discover more ways to market and promote your book.

Go with Prowess:
Although you can self-publish a book by yourself, partnering with an established self-publishing house gives you the option to hire professionals to work on the elements where you might feel less confident about such as editing, cover design, book marketing, and promotions, etc. Many authors with a limited budget have used Prowess publishing services and went on creating successful self-publishing projects. So, what’s the hold-up? Get your book published today.


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