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How to Choose the Perfect Publishing House for Your First Book?

Many first-time authors or even seasoned writers sometimes may feel skeptical while choosing a publisher for their first book. It is indeed tough and totally understandable to be confused while trying to comprehend the entire publishing landscape. Try not to fret. Instead, Prowess recommends authors and writers that they do a little groundwork before embarking on their book publishing journey. As soon as the writing part is finished, questions such as - How does the book publishing business … Read more

MCTE Book Fair 2019 – Author Book Promotion

  We are happy to announce that our child author Prarthana Saji, showcased her recent book "The Seven Wonders" in MCTE book fair, Mhow, Madhya Pradesh held on Saturday, 21st Sep 2019. We wish the best for all her future endeavors. Special thanks from Prowess Publishing to her parents for identifying their little star's talent and encouraging it. A book fair was organized at the sports complex of Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE) on Saturday where about a … Read more

Royalty Reporting System from Prowess Publishing

Thank you for being a customer of Prowess Publishing and hope that you are enjoying your success as a Published Author. We are sure you must be promoting your book actively through social media channels and talking about it every opportunity you may be getting. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any help or guidance in this regard as we have a wealth of resources available on Book Promotion. To serve our customer better, we have upgraded our existing author dashboard. We … Read more

How to self-promote my book?

Are you worried about selling your book after publishing it? Don't worry you are not alone in this tragedy, almost every author thinks that publishing a book as the final step for their success & get relaxed after publishing their books. This is a great mistake most of the self-published authors do - getting your book published is not actually the final step actually it's the 1st step to begin your author career. Publishing a book is like having a weapon in your hand and entering into the … Read more

The importance of book video trailers in book marketing

  How do you decide if you want to watch a movie? You have a quick look at its trailer to have an idea what the movie deals with. Much like a movie, a book trailer video will enable your book to stand out in the crowd. In this article we will cover topics like: a) What is a book trailer? b) Some facts about video trailers c) 5 critical reasons why videos are considered for book promotion d) What should be there in a book trailer video? e) Distribution of video … Read more

How to Get Reviews for Your Book

  Do you remember checking reviews about the product before making the final buying decision? Chances are you did before buying a book. If you have already published a book, your next part of the work starts here. The review process can even start even before the book's official release date. Authors can give reviewers advanced review copies. To make a distinguishing mark as an author you need to ensure that you have a strong reader base. It is essential for you to influence and … Read more

Why Should You Publish Your Book

  Are you an aspiring author? Or you are still in two minds whether you should actually take up the courage to write a book? If the question “Should I write a book?” comes to your mind it means you have something to tell.   Remember each one of us has a story to share. A story that people will connect to. Your story might inspire another person who is a part of a similar story. Writing is a way to introspect and a thoughtful activity that will help you re-explore … Read more

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