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The next three big takeaways that will make writing clear

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May,26, 2020ByProwess Publications

W. Somerset Maugham– English playwright, the novelist has rightly said- “To write simply is as difficult as to be good.” So, no flowery words can lit your garden of words, if it lacks the fragrance of simplicity. The most successful writing industry names are not those who used difficult words but who made complex easy. So utilization of words can be good if its placement is just and fair. But the one who understands the Magic Trapped in Words, can only unfold it magically. And that’s why not every written piece of work is exceptional. And that’s where mental game and perception kicks in. To be better at writing, you must have exceptional thoughts about the topic. If your mind is occupied with family issues,  the stress of a deadline, work-life pressure, etc. you cannot write outstanding content. For writing good content with clarity, you need to ensure your mind is at ease as writing under time pressure can kill the creativity as well as quality and uniqueness. So, here are the top 3 takeaways that everyone must follow to make their writing clearer.

1. Make Your Content Approach Better
If you are starting with the content, ensure you begin with engagement. And its no magic it’s possible, all you need to do is to pick right starting. Deciding over the best start begins with- “Quote Related to the Topic” or “Truth Bomb” to grab attention instantly. If you start with the old blueprint of content, you can write content, but surely cannot write engaging content. To make it happen, you need to work on your content approach to be better at it and not just write for the sake of writing. But write to interact and build connections. The lesser you express, the lesser retention you have on your content. So the interaction of content is necessary to Prevent yourself from the pitfall of the wrong beginning.

2. Personal Touch Reaches Audience
When you sit and let things happen in content, you give up your power. So, to be better with writing, it is better to plan to deliver “personal emotion” as a “mandatory thing and not treat it as optional.” Because, if your content cannot personally engage the reader, it’s not content. To gain an expert hand in these areas, you need first to write correctly. And eventually, the audience will come, find, read, and stay with you. So include personal stories like- “The best learning from my life when I was a child was not to believe everything that’s said.” It’s necessary to make relations before you expect a connection with the reader. Make an impact on personal stories and not just sentences without emotions.

3. Quality vs. Word Length
For writing, it is essential to fix the myth that is treading in the content industry. Those who write or read articles are aware of what the audience wants? Any person consuming content such as a blog or article is a person seeking information by reading. Contrast to this situation are readers who are not interested in reading but read while surfing the internet to find a solution to their problem. It’s essential to cater to quality content over excessive content that spoils the interest of the user. This digital era has customized information at one click to empower quality over quantity. Psychology research has proved- “human mind gets scared seeing the excess of information.” If you cannot express in fewer words and with quality, you will be ignored as a serious writer.  Because “less is more” so if you can’t express in precise words, more words won’t work either. “Use lesser words for quality content creation” and not a chunk of words.

I hope these tips are helpful as you write your content better.  Do share your comments and subscribe to our newsletter, to stay tuned for our emails & updates.

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