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Chandru Arni


November,13, 2020ByProwess Publications

My Experience with Prowess

It was a very good experience with the publishing service offered by Prowess, and now I have published my 2nd book too with Prowess.

About Author

The author, Chandru Arni is a non-mathematician. He received his Masters in Organic Chemistry in 1952. However, from the age of 14, his hobby was mathematical recreations. The first mathematics book he read was “Mathematics for the Million” by Hogben. This led him to read Dudeney, Rouse Ball, Kraitchik, and Martin Gardner in a frenzy.
He always wanted to write a book on this subject, but he made computer mind games and created 2 websites for games with the computer’s arrival. He also ventured to make wooden models of games and puzzles teach children mathematics through them, and he is still building them. Now, at 93, he has brought out this book all by himself as time is running out.

Books Published by him

Games, Puzzles and Math Excursions Book

In this book, forty 2- person strategy games are presented, many of which are board games and many in colour. They differ from other board games where you buy the game, subject to the outlet having it at a high cost. Here, most games are made by yourself with templates and simple home material without sacrificing gameplay or strategy. You teach yourself to enjoy, learn, and be together.

There are also another 80 puzzles which you can tackle when alone also. There is a huge thrill in solving a puzzle with your mind, and there is a choice, from matchsticks to an Einstein puzzle. Finally, there are excursions where mathematicians take as their pleasure jaunts, which we can also participate in. You can see that a mathematician is also like you wanting fun.
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Adventurous Book

This is his first book and is his autobiography. He is a Voyager, a journeyman who does not know his destination. He is curious and wants to experience anything where he has the strength. In India, when cars were a luxury in 1953, he built a car and raised in a recognized motorsports club and became a pioneer in car racing in India.
His interest in mathematical recreations in the 1940s led him to create computer games well before internet arrived and was recognized as a pioneer in developing computer games. His hobby of mathematics also helped his creation of digital and fractal art. He even received coaching lessons in cricket from a foreign coach but failed to make the grade.
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