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Gopala Krishna

February,8, 2019ByProwess Publications

A. Gopala Krishna (23 years) old, completed his bachelors in ECE from Vignan Institute of information and technology (VIIT), Visakhapatnam. He cleared CEH (certified ethical hacker) certification from EC-council, one of the most significant certification body in cybersecurity. He is an ethical hacker as well as a security researcher in the field of cybersecurity. he dreams to see India as a cyber threat free country. He says the purpose of his book is to educate people regarding on-going cyber crimes and their effects and how to prevent them.

While being an ECE student from diploma to B.tech, he never dropped his passion for technology. His father supported his passion by allowing him to learn on-going computer technologies while continuing academics. Due to neglecting academic subjects and concentrating more on technologies, he failed in semester exams and performed less in academics, but his parents never bothered about the results, instead gave him complete freedom to go with his passion,Gopal says “The support and freedom I received from my parents and my brother towards my passion helped me to accomplish my dream of being an “Ethical Hacker”.

Book Published by him

Be a Cyber Warrior

Be a Cyber warrior Book will empower readers to protect themselves against the emerging technical threats, it is written by considering for both techies and non-techies. The knowledge shared inside the book will also be useful for cybersecurity enthusiasts and security professionals to get deeper knowledge in implementing security measures to protect their digital assets. This Book will brief about on-going cyber threats and how cybercrimes take place, how to prevent these crimes.
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