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Vishvam S Patel

October,22, 2018ByProwess Publications

Vishvam Patel is a student of grade 9 who always wanted to achieve success in his life. Although he wants to do work in the field of Science, he loves to read and write books. He got his inspiration from a friend who always opposed him from reading novels as she thought that it is an obstacle for his scholastic carrier.

Book Published by him

It All Flashed Back Because of A Magazine

The book “It all flashed back because of a magazine” is basically a love story in which an Indian Officer on a Mission falls in love with a girl of his merit and both play the role like Romeo-Jullite but this story has many twists as well.
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My Experience with Prowess

Prowess helped me in becoming an established author in a few weeks. As India’s one of the youngest writer, I am thankful to Prowess for guiding me through the publishing process. I strongly recommend Prowess to first-time Authors.

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