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Savitri Devi Yerramsetty

SavitriDevi Yerramsetty - CTET State TETs papers

Savitri Devi Yerramsetty is a post-graduate in Computer Science (Andhra University) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Osmania University). She is a certified TESOL trainer in Advanced English and Business English. She has been a passionate educationist in all her 14 years of career in the field of education. She has worked as an Educator, Vice Principal, Principal, Online Educator, Subject Matter Expert, Project Coordinator, Consultant, etc. With various institutions, and has been … Read more

Nandita Bajaj

Charlie and Scarlett Nandita Bajaj

Nandita Bajaj had pursued her Graduation. Being a teenager she has a little bit of interest in writing, painting and public speaking. Her aim is to spread her words to people out there. She likes reading books and has a great desire to become one of the best-known writers. She enjoys writing fiction as it leads us to develop our writing skills and imagination in a creative way. She loves writing things that she never experienced but once they are read by someone they feel it. ‘CHARLIE AND … Read more

Garima Pradhan

Garima Pradhan is the Best Healer of two life-changing novels - A Girl that had to be Strong and Broken is the new Beautiful. She is a bubbly, energetic person who motivates others with her vibes. Her Contagious smile can easily lift the room with so much light that you will want to talk to her. Being a deep individual she loves deep conversation, self-talk, and music. She writes to heal and set the soul free from pain. She is also a life coach and mentors her readers, that counsels them to … Read more

Upma Singh

Upma Singh is a spiritual thinker and writer. She likes to write and research about space, aliens and mysterious phenomenon of the Universe. She is a passionate artist and her paintings are straight out her lucid dreams and astral projections. She loves to explore mountains and take inspiration from nature for her writing and painting. She believes in the existence of Extra-terrestrials and had encounters with them herself through dreams. Book Published by Her Skylinnium: The unknown is only … Read more

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

Mohammed Abdul Jawad is a writer, blogger, and poet. Reading through his book ‘Random Scribble’ one wishes that one knew more about the author than he is a non-academic who made a humble beginning earning his living as a retail salesman and currently cherishes his successful career working in a pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia. Besides this, he is a beBee brand ambassador for beBee Affinity Social Network S.L., which is a successful personal branding platform. On this platform, he … Read more

Sohini Maitra

Sohini Maitra is a lethal combination of a Bengali born and brought up in Patna. Genetically from a culture that considers themselves custodians of everything art and literature, being raised in a land of the tough, has granted her the power to exist in this cruel world with literary aplomb. She has been raised by a strong single mother; her father was a noted journalist who passed away in the line of duty when she was a toddler. Being brought up by a strong single mother, She believes in women … Read more

Jagmohan Malhotra

Having been exposed to the natural scenery and spending my boyhood amidst flowers and butterflies of the Himalayan hills with abundant brooks, glens, and lakes which could terrify as well as nurture me and were later pasteurized in the lines that I scribbled. I can say that I grew up fostered alike by beauty and by fear, which aspect gave me confidence as a growing boy, the confidence of articulation, which is vividly visible in my poems. As I grew I started feeling the pains of the … Read more

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